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Bezos Returns to Space With a Ride to the Moon

A little over a week after saying he’d spend the next year building up his private space venture, Jeff Bezos announced today that he’ll return to space.

“This time I’ll be going back to the Moon,” Mr. Bezos wrote on his space company’s website, Blue Origin.

First, he’ll test fire a six-second engine burn for two minutes and 40 seconds, the requirement of the agency contracted by NASA to lift cargo to the International Space Station, while traveling more than 3,400 miles high.

Then, the Rocket Lab launch at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida will send cargo to the space station “for another five months or so,” he wrote.

And later this year, he’ll send Mr. Bezos himself up into space to demonstrate the spacecraft’s ability to get back to Earth, he wrote.

“Long story short, we expect the service to be available commercially to NASA in the late 2020s,” he wrote.

Mr. Bezos’ previous venture, Amazon, contributed a sizable $2 million to the space transportation company Blue Origin.

In the December 2015, Mr. Bezos told the Times that he planned to spend the next year before starting Blue Origin building a reusable launch vehicle, Space.com reported.

“If we can’t do that, what are we doing it for?” he told the Times then.

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