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Protesters Filled the Streets for Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast. Police Feared that Both the President and Metro Trains Could be Hijacked.

In advance of President Trump’s visit to the National Cathedral on Sunday, police had planned to clear the entirety of Pennsylvania Avenue before the event began, a Secret Service source told The New York Times.

The Washington Post reported that officers did not know what President Trump would be doing when he arrived at the cathedral and that Metro trains were kept at a normal height for Sunday morning. The Post reported that a pair of senior law enforcement officers monitoring the Trump walk were frustrated by the issue, but ended up appeasing the officers.

Security around the cathedral has grown as area security personnel watch as the president steps out of Air Force One and prepares to board Marine One, the presidential helicopter. A large contingent of Secret Service and U.S. Park Police officers, as well as national guardsmen and emergency vehicles, are positioned at 17th and Pennsylvania avenues.

Trump attended the service at the National Cathedral earlier on Sunday after meeting separately with U.S. and French presidents at the Elysee Palace in Paris earlier in the day.

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