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Where should workers go on their most recent vacation?

For many people in the workforce, the prospect of returning to work after their extended vacation after four or more weeks away is overwhelming.

So in her new book, “Careers After the Break: Rebooting Your Life and Reframing Your Career,” Barbara Wolfson offers four strategies to help people figure out what their next steps should be, no matter how long they take. In this interview, Wolfson answers questions from viewers, from a frequent vacationer to the newest rejoiner, about getting back to work:

What is the first question you ask yourself when you decide to take a break?

Very often when people take extended time off, they go so far out of the way to try to explain their decisions that they can’t even articulate what they felt like they accomplished while they were away. So I would say if you want to be clear about what you’re trying to do, and clearer about why you feel you should take the break you’re taking, it helps to make it a straightforward story. One of the things I often say is, “Say one sentence, and you’ll always know what you were trying to do.” If you’re able to communicate the core of what you were trying to do, that’s one reason why I’ve recommended a lot of people work with a coach — some people never even get close to making that leap, because they’re so emotionally attached to what they feel like they accomplished while they were away that they just don’t ever let it go.

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